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The Chinese Search Marketing Opportunity

untitledNever before in the history of advertising have we seen such competition amongst the corporate and the small business community for exposure on the search engines. Once upon a time each player new their place in the advertising arena and as such never really tried to muscle in on the others turf.  Today with limited marketing opportunities both small and large business alike are being forced to compete for exposure on the search engines. A search engine indexes web pages and ranks each website according to some sort of algorithm of relevancy based on the search query entered by the searcher.

The higher a website ranks on a search engine results page for a specific search the more traffic that website will receive – in theory.  Some of the larger search engines in China and throughout the world all operate in a similar way. The more popular search engines who make most of their profits from advertising revenue are cashing in big time. Even your above average seo company is now finding it tougher to help their clients gain stronger website rankings. One would think that the idea of a search engines is to provide an non-biased service.

It’s only those that look close enough that realise the truth as to what is really going on. Big business will win the race and the small business owner will be forced to find another way to attract new customers. It makes sense for the larger search engines to cash in from the large corporate advertising budgets and partner with big existing databases. Organic search engine optimisation might just become a thing of the past, much like traditional mobile phones became after the invention of the smart phone.

Small business owners are now having to think smarter and look harder at ways to tap into their customers. Website seo Melbourne consultants are exploring ways to find synergy and get access to the growing Chinese community who all use search engines to find local businesses, products and information online. One of the questions needed to be answered is how do people search and what search engines do they use. The website marketing company that uncovers the blueprint to online marketing success will be highly sought after.