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Importing Fitness Equipment from China

Boxing gloves

China is the largest manufacturer of gym and fitness equipment in the world with Korea coming in a distant second. Many of the gyms in Melbourne and other states of Australia and around the world import gym equipment from China. Treadmills, rowing machines and fitness accessories such as boxing gloves, skipping ropes and boxing bag stands all come from China.

Each year a lot of the gyms in Melbourne send their staff over to the trade fairs to identify trends in fitness equipment and secure deals with suppliers. Fitness and beauty are two of the biggest niches that importing is popular amongst. Retailers in Australia make good money from marking up fitness equipment that has been imported from China. If you think about it for a little while you will soon discover that most of the things we own in our homes have come from China.

It’s hard to believe that not too long ago we made those exact same products in our own country and paid much higher prices than we pay today. Everything from roofing products, locksmith supplies, plumbing tools and rugs are all brought over in containers on large ships that travel between the two countries. I personally am amazed at how much is actually made in China and bought by people here thinking it is made here. I went to a small country town recently and visited a candle shop where there were a lot of tourists buying nice smelling candles.

I picked up one and looked at the bottom and read the sticker ” made in China” . I don’t think people really care where things are made today, as long as they get a good deal. When it comes to fitness training products as long as they do what they are meant to do, then who really cares where it they are made. Importing fitness equipment from China is so popular a lot of treadmill repairs companies and treadmill hire companies import treadmills and sell them online at discount prices. If you can sell it you can import it!