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The Chinese Search Marketing Opportunity

untitledNever before in the history of advertising have we seen such competition amongst the corporate and the small business community for exposure on the search engines. Once upon a time each player new their place in the advertising arena and as such never really tried to muscle in on the others turf.  Today with limited marketing opportunities both small and large business alike are being forced to compete for exposure on the search engines. A search engine indexes web pages and ranks each website according to some sort of algorithm of relevancy based on the search query entered by the searcher.

The higher a website ranks on a search engine results page for a specific search the more traffic that website will receive – in theory.  Some of the larger search engines in China and throughout the world all operate in a similar way. The more popular search engines who make most of their profits from advertising revenue are cashing in big time. Even your above average seo company is now finding it tougher to help their clients gain stronger website rankings. One would think that the idea of a search engines is to provide an non-biased service.

It’s only those that look close enough that realise the truth as to what is really going on. Big business will win the race and the small business owner will be forced to find another way to attract new customers. It makes sense for the larger search engines to cash in from the large corporate advertising budgets and partner with big existing databases. Organic search engine optimisation might just become a thing of the past, much like traditional mobile phones became after the invention of the smart phone.

Small business owners are now having to think smarter and look harder at ways to tap into their customers. Website seo Melbourne consultants are exploring ways to find synergy and get access to the growing Chinese community who all use search engines to find local businesses, products and information online. One of the questions needed to be answered is how do people search and what search engines do they use. The website marketing company that uncovers the blueprint to online marketing success will be highly sought after.

How to Import Window and Door Locks from China

It is not a new phenomenon, however importing from China is still in it’s infancy. History has shown us that the majority of consumers demand low prices more so than high quality. This is not the case for all consumer demographics as there are a lot of buyers out there that shop on value and quality as opposed to price.Today you can import from China just about anything. If you can name it, draw it or think it, you can get it made and import it. I was recently asked by a client of mine, a locksmith in Sydney who wanted to know about how much he could save importing window and door locks from China instead of buying them from his supplier in Australia.

I did some investigation on his behalf and found a few websites that promoted the importing window and door locks. I showed the locksmith Sydney guy and he was amazed. Just by importing from China he could save himself over 400% on each window lock and door lock, plus they also make other types of locks and accessories that he could also import and save money not having to purchase from local suppliers.

Like most people find out, in order to import from China you need to buy in quantity to enjoy the low prices. The Sydney locksmith initially was put off by the amount he had to outlay but after a conversation with me about marketing a business he soon realised that he could become a window and door lock supplier to other 24 hour locksmiths.

I suggested he look for other business owners that were in the locksmith industry who may want to buy window and door locks from him at lower prices than they pay now. He did a search online for other locksmiths including locksmith Melbourne and locksmiths Adelaide and found there were heaps out there to get in touch with. As with tree removal, locksmiths have to respond to all types of emergency call outs within the quickest time possible. The internet has changed the way we do business as now we expect everyone to be on. There is no down time in our world today with the advent of social media and fast internet broadband speeds.

Doing business in China is not an easy task but once you break down the barriers and learn how to import from China the possibilities are endless. It strongly recommend that anyone interested in importing from China attend a workshop on How to Import From China.

As an internet entrepreneur I myself import from various products from China and sell them online to consumers in Australia. You can learn how to make money online from my website at www.howtomakemoneyontheinternet.com.au

Doing Business in China

Welcome to SME in China – my first new online publishing venture for 2013.

As a small business owner in Australia feeling the pinch in the local economy i have become very  interested in seeking out opportunities for doing business in China. I have started this blog as a way for me to learn and connect with other people from around the world that are also interested in doing business in China.

I read a CNN news article today that said that China is the boom economy that is growing stronger by the day whilst western countries crumble by the wayside. Who would have thought or even imagined that one day we would be looking to the East with not only our eyes wide open but also our mouths.

So far I have discovered that one of the fastest growing trends is to become a small business coach, especially in Australia. Business people, entrepreneurs and business development managers are setting up as personal business coaches helping small business owners grow their bottom line through systematization, strategy and marketing.