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Why Business Consultants Are Getting on the China Band Wagon

I have recently noticed a large increase in the number of business consultants popping up claiming to be experts in doing business with China. Everyone knows that China has a ton of money and power in the world economy today but I can’t believe that business coaches and consultants all over world are now claiming to be China importing and exporting experts.

In a recent conversation with consulting business coach Melbourne based firm I was told that the most popular product or service the Chinese were interested in was seo training. No I am an experienced seo Melbourne based consultant that specialises in helping small business owners with their online marketing.  Was this business coach just telling me this because to get me excited or was he being serious. I ended up doing my own research and found that it was in fact seo was not a real interest to the Chinese business community.


What I did find out is this…

So fast is the internet changing the way that we do business that many business owner simply cannot keep up. Younger, smarter and internet savvy operators such as tree removal Melbourne are setting up shop and taking market share at lighting speed. This is very concerning to me ….. what does the future look like for all the baby boomers forced to remain in business through lack of retirement planning. What is happening is the business coach community are using this as a way to scare business owners into signing up to their business coaching programs in hope that they are going to be given the magic solution. There is no blueprint to business success, it all comes down to how well the business project management process has been handled and wether the business has the right people in the right seats. Staff training is paramount for success, and prince2 training is often regarded as the industry standard for project management training.

The solution to ensuring your business is able to grow and succeed in the future is to invest in your education. The more you learn about business and the process that you need to go through to become successful in business, the faster you will get there.